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We offer a wide range of project management and project controls services, including but not limited to cost, schedule, change management, procurement, contract negotiations, RFP reviews, and scope reviews.
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Every client and every project is unique and dependent on various factors such as schedule-driven or cost-driven. We work with the client to understand their end goal and develop a strategy to reach that goal, safely, on budget, and on schedule.

We’ve worked with several public companies before ranging from renovating office buildings, lab spaces, data centers, to manufacturing and refinery sites. We’ve helped those clients save millions of dollars through rigorous contract negotiations, stringent change management processes, and detailed design reviews.
Every project has its unique set of risks, as well as some fundamental risks that are industry wide. We work with the client to develop a bottoms up approach to establish a risk model and then use software such as Monte Carlo to test the parameters and output. This is done routinely as the project progresses through completion.

We provide personalised solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

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Our Team

We have different experts for different financial services

Maria Daniels

Managing Director

James Oliver

Finance Advisor

Alicia Roman

Managing Director

Andy Thomson

Finance Advisor

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